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Installing a 350 Sqm Indoor Farm in Stockholm, Sweden

Investment Risks Evaluation for private investors group,  Swiss

Sunflowers Infectious Diseases Experimentation IRSTEA, France

Establishing a Climate Change Impact Experimentation on Medicinal Plants, University of Toulouse, France

Designing  and installing a Semi-Industrial Indoor Farm for Medicinal Plants,  Paris, France.

Establishing a Targeted LED Wavelengths Experimentation on Medicinal Plants, Montpellier, France

Installing a 60 Sqm Indoor Farm in Rottne, Sweden

Installing a Fully Automated Commercial Indoor Farm for Micro-Greens, Paris, France

Installing a 280 Sqm Indoor Farm in Tibro, Sweden

Designing a Full Architectural Design & Installing a 200 Sqm Indoor Farm For High-Value Crops, Paris, France

Various Agro-Medicinal Indoor Projects Across Europe

R&D Supervision -Strawberries With Artificial Pollination & Cultivation Optimization, Israel & France

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